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"Vanilla Owl":

We make healthy things tasty!

Vanilla Owl
Sweets for low-carb, keto, LCHF, people with diabetes and all those who care about their health
Vanilla Owl
Sweets for low-carb, keto, LCHF, people with diabetes and all those who care about their health
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You can order our products via WhatsApp. After confirming the order, pay by money transfer to the LHV account by phone number: +372 5377 2597 - or by account number: EE497700771009958466.

The order can be picked up on weekdays from 11 am to 7 pm at the address: A. H. Tammsaare tee 89, 13416 Tallinn.
Our sweets can be enjoyed with minimal risk to weight, teeth and insulin release. You can't eat too many of them because they are filling.

At first, children may find our sweets unsweetened, because they are accustomed to the cloying taste of sweets, which consist almost entirely of sugar. However, our 2-year-old son, who, like all children, loves fruits and sweets, happily eats his legal half of candy a day – and asks for more.

Children love trying our truffles. It is better to give them quarters or halves of candy, since truffles are rich in chocolate and quite fatty.

There are so many sweet tooths in the world who treat themselves to sweets at least once a day. But, as a rule, sweets are not healthy. And for some people, foods with sugar are completely contraindicated. Therefore, manufacturers are developing alternatives to classic sweets. But most often they are not very tasty. We decided to change this and offer everyone who is on a diet and watching their health the opportunity to enjoy delicious sweets with minimal sugar and carbohydrates.

The keto diet has become incredibly popular across the board in recent years — and for good reason, because people who follow a low-carb eating style not only lose weight while eating filling, tasty meals, but also often begin to feel better and healthier*. This makes perfect sense, since low-carb meals are rich in healthy fats and essential amino acids.

We are experts in healthy and safe eating and want to offer delicious low-carb chocolate truffles to those with a sweet tooth and health-conscious gourmets.

We know that it is not easy to find not only delicious low carb sweets on the market, but even just natural ones. Desserts and baked goods sold in supermarkets and even cafes often contain potentially hazardous ingredients. In rare places, desserts are essentially prepared from high-quality natural raw materials. But these are “secret” places that few people know about. We have opened a new “secret” place where we prepare keto sweets from high-quality natural products.

* Please note: for some chronic diseases, keto nutrition on an ongoing basis should be agreed with your doctor.

In our sweets

5 times less carbohydrates

lots of healthy fats

natural ingredients


We are Elena and David, experts in organic and healthy nutrition. We live in Laagri and have our little son Daniel with us, who is the first to taste our keto desserts. Long before his birth, we dreamed of settling in a calm country with beautiful nature and friendly people, and we are happy that our dream is coming true in Estonia.

We have spent many years researching the organic market and advising healthy food manufacturers. David has many years of experience as an auditor of organic farms, as well as an expert on biodiversity and environmental practices. Elena worked in journalism, cinema, organized non-profit music festivals, and later administered our joint business - the consulting bureau D.Y. ORGANIC.

For several years we collaborated with a farmer cooperative, which in the early 2010s was a pioneer and leader in the development of the healthy and natural food market. As part of the internal audit system developed by David, we carried out more than 350 inspections of farms and food productions producing very interesting food products.

We ourselves have experimented a lot with the production of healthy food, going from developing unique baked falafels and vegan olive oil cookies to our signature keto tiramisu and our own recipe for velvety LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) chocolate truffles.

The keto diet, which we began to follow while planning our pregnancy, allowed us to experience a new quality of life, improved our well-being, and improved clinical indicators when monitoring our health. And, as we hoped, it contributed to an easy pregnancy and natural birth. Therefore, for us, a low-carb eating style is not just a fashionable trend, but a really working tool for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

We also love owls and collect the cutest ones (ceramic, wooden, etc.) in our home. Therefore, the owl is our symbol of home comfort.

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